Private Secrets Public Lies is a participatory installation and game where both present and remote users become active collaborators. Play the secrets game by following the link on the menu to the left below. The game asks users to consider how the translation of private data enabled by viral speed can change the context, meaning, and intent of the original message.



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Secrets are at the crux of relationships within the privacy of family dynamics or the public realm of celebrity tabloids or even international governmental relations. The influence of digital culture and viral technology enables the intrigue of these secrets and lies. This project was inspired by international news reports whose origins were in the realm of the personal: the Catholic priests’ sexual abuse scandals, chemicals of mass destruction controversy (Valerie Plane), Bush illegal wiretaps, the private lives of heads of state (Bill Clinton) and royalty (Princess Diana), or even the revelations of Julian Assange’s wiki-leaks.

Private Secrets Public Lies blends the boundaries between private and public, analog and digital.  The translation of private data, enabled by the speed and instantaneous nature of the public domain of the internet, is at the core of this project.

Contemporary digital technology has replaced the private performative gesture of writing. Email, texting, and tweeting introduce evolving specialized codes of shorthand and keywords changing conventions of writing and communication. These tools of viral technology have been introduced as an integral part of news reporting. Anyone can report the news creating networks of unverifiable news stories and sources.









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