Private Secrets Public Lies is a participatory installation and game where both present and remote users become active collaborators. Play the secrets game by following the link on the menu to the left below. The game asks users to consider how the translation of private data enabled by viral speed can change the context, meaning, and intent of the original message.



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Renate Ferro (US) is a conceptual artist working in emerging technology and culture. Her artistic reflects critical interactivity incorporating social and theoretical paradigms of the psychological and sociological condition. Her work encourages emerging creative networks whose resulting configurations range from drawing and text to performance, installation, video and net-based projects.

Most recently her work has been featured at NanYang Technologic University (Singapore), The Freud Museum (London), The Dorksy Gallery (NY), The Hemispheric Institute and FOMMA (Mexico), The Janus Pannonius Muzeum (Hungary), and The Free University Berlin (Germany).  Her work has been published in such journals as Diacritics, Theatre Journal, and Epoch. She is a co-moderator and curator for the online new media list serve -empyre-soft-skinned space. Her published writing revolve around issues involving digital culture, artistic collaboration, the archive and memory.

She is the founder and director of her cross-disciplinary lab, The Tinker Factory. Her artistic work can be accessed at www.renateferro.net.

Ferro is a Visiting Assistant Professor at Cornell University teaching in digital media and theory.







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