Private Secrets Public Lies is a participatory installation and game where both present and remote users become active collaborators. Play the secrets game by following the link on the menu to the left below. The game asks users to consider how the translation of private data enabled by viral speed can change the context, meaning, and intent of the original message.



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Hastac 2014 Lima, Peru: April 23-27, 2014
Hasac, Lima, Peru
  The Secret's Game will be presented at Hastac 2014 in Lima Peru. The conference, Hemispheric Pathways: Critical Makers in International Networks, will be bringing together humanities, arts, and technology workers who are interested in the challenges facing the Western Hemisphere. The Secret's Game asks us to investigate digital privacy and the fluid boundaries between the personal and the private.  
Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art April 14: August 12, 2012
Johnson Art Museum
  Private Secrets Public Lies was on exhibition at the Johnson Museum, Cornell University as part of the Cornell University Art Faculty Show.  
Chiapis, Mexico: April 7-9, 2010
Chiapis meeting
  Private Secrets Public Lies was featured at a joint meeting sponsored for a conferrence of the Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics/FOMMA and the CHCI the Consortium of Humanities Centers and Institutes. Learn more about the Chaipis collaboration ->

Lazo de traducción

Photo and video documentation of Chiapis.

Hemispheric Institue

Consortium of Humanities Centers and Institutes

Institute für Philosophie, Berlin, Germany: April 23-24, 2010




Private Secrets/Public Lies was featured at Institut für Philosophie, Habelschwerdter Allee 30, Berlin, Germany on April 23 to 24th, 2010.  Remotely, viewers were asked to import their secrets into the Secret's Game program. To see a list of former users word clouds and new text data visit the archive on background page. Special thanks to Alice Legay's invitation to Berlin and the inspiring writting she does on secrets and governments.





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