The newsfeed below is an archive of word searches left by former visitors to this site. Their private secrets were parsed, sorted, remixed and thrust into the public sphere of the world wide web.

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now was little
fanciful packages share
gift turn slim
day sleep little
today stole little
telephone were two
love bought two
candy sleep golden
candy sleep golden
secret turn abandoned
society pulling free
first tell obscure
sister love anal
secret smoked free
wife work brown
hours resented every
candy were brown
sister sleep obscure
love work free
sado-masichism turn long
boy resented three
work burn residual
mark hung every
love smoked anal
blanket had abandoned
first charge long
mark was one
blanket work abandoned
money bought abandoned
friend burn abandoned
ear stole happy
friend telephone little
wife assume one
colleague want brown
sister had abandoned
money telephone little
love had little
love had little
gift smoked abandoned
money had abandoned
money bought little
years hung eight
love love little
secret turn abandoned
money see abandoned
packages telephone little
money see abandoned
money turn little
time sleep slim
love had little
packages telephone little
money pulling little
toilet paper resented eight
money saw obscure
secret burn abandoned
weed stole little
secret love free
hours bought little
packages sleep eight
winter stole happy
years resented three
love saw small
secret work two
money bought residual
packages stole abandoned
wedding tell long
secret saw happy
money stole every
cigarette burn free
mother pulling residual
mark love little
love telephone abandoned
secret work slim
packages pulling three
blanket stole eight
Dad turn obscure
money saw little
friend hung little
bed tell free
boy stole abandoned
mark resented free
sister telephone abandoned
blindfold sleep eight
mints was little
fire resented eight
secret tell abandoned
sister turn abandoned
love stole obscure
love stole obscure
love stole obscure
secret smoked golden
secret smoked golden
secret smoked golden
secret love little
secret love little
secret love little
secret love little
secret love little
secret love little
money was every
money was every
mark work anal
lover work anal
lover work anal
secret stole happy
friend like little
ear smoked residual
work want little
box burn happy
secret were eight
colleague love long
colleague love long
lover smoked golden
mints were golden
mints charge long
miss understand little
money had free
driveway turn slim
truck turn eight
truck turn eight
blindfold smoked small
love were residual
mark pulling two
friend burn golden
morning had long
love burn long
lecture organize happy
doing turn some
boy see little
secret had little
friend sleep slim
friend sleep slim
ate smoked abandoned
blindfold hung anal
telephone work small
war telephone political
boy organize little
mints were three
mints were three
fifteen see one
radio bought anal
wife assume itchy
city assume happy
city saw eight
love stole every
have assume abandoned
secrets tired obscure
war like little
mark demonstrate abandoned
know pulling exciting
bird assume obscure
have bought slim
right understand only
money sleep three
work love political
boy were long
gift sleep eight
victoria had every
money demonstrate residual
berries slept itchy
berries slept itchy
weed see brown
weed see brown
smoothie telephone residual
years understand about
time love exciting
pizza resented anal
doing procrastinate three
doing procrastinate three
jump slept small
galleries had eight
boy resented residual
morning burn small
morning charge only
boy generate political
writing had some
love did little
blanket want itchy
love see just
money drank three
secret want little
ear charge abandoned
Dad slept obscure
morning had anal
mother tell happy
surgery burn every
ribbons stole residual
love work little
beer pulling little
love tell abandoned
jail turn abandoned
secret resented golden
are scared three
Dad love long
ready tell exciting
giving organize golden
granola want some
object had eight
incest stole abandoned
love were itchy
beer stole some
beer stole some
secret charge abandoned
mark tired abandoned
bowl demonstrate eight
truck understand eight
boy want long
breakfast turn abandoned
friend pulling three
have organize exciting
drink tell abandoned
money demonstrate small
breakfast bought itchy
morning bought small
morning died golden
money believed only
gift turn little
money want three
victoria slept long
money died touched
years want happy
have organize free
wife want some
hello scared abandoned
married slept some
secrecy had late
will drank brown
telephone smoked global
green tell exciting
love stole abandoned
ribbons charge abandoned
love bought eight
money were golden
hate burn lonely
money drank some
married want abandoned
will smoked itchy
money tell happy
bad want happy
church charge little
debt bought slim
boy tell afraid
money understand lonely
protest understand some
protest understand some
money believed abandoned
packages saw afraid
will want obscure
murder burn exciting
money want free
mints assume exciting
secret drank just
secrets tell eight
secrecy saw addicted
inability like about
plane telephone abandoned
now tell abandoned
have telephone abandoned
have telephone abandoned
right tell small
crack stole afraid
secret like some
friends had obscure
years organize abandoned
love love residual
shirts tired long
mother understand free
cool believed golden
love demonstrate little
sex telephone abandoned
love made anal
bowl telephone dysfunctional
radio work eight
hate bought abandoned
breakfast want abandoned
breakfast want abandoned
breakfast want abandoned
underwear sleep addicted
have died happy
breakfast tell little
rave want exciting
mark stole dumb
secret organize about
money saw eight
green had obscure
surgery want happy
hiding work dysfunctional
prime woke residual
cant burn three
secret woke every
truck bought global
boy resented just
numbers bought small
surgery were hot
money want just
love stole three
love stole three
hello did three
potatoes tell two
morning smoked one
love tired some
have scared slim
when had anxious
bowl work huge
crabs organize little
love telephone little
breakfast understand lonely
secret had golden
and turn happy
fault charge about
love scared obscure
today understand abandoned
love did free
cool want little
telephone scared late
vulva work residual
secret scared happy
need organize abandoned
family like only
morning understand abandoned
will woke brown
mark tell abandoned
ring tell touched
have woke overwhelmed
lesbian tell eight
going convinced overwhelmed
have want big
hope believed three
said like happy
death want happy
pretty charge abandoned
will want one
death hung little
church had hot
cry organize afraid
secret scared itchy
dinner slept abandoned
truck scared about
place stole afraid
public charge about
blue want golden
movies hung overwhelmed
failing understand huge
work organize little
joy organize abandoned
cant organize huge
protest tell about
fifteen please abandoned
fake scared three
failing saw happy
giving told brown
wife tell golden
love was happy
wife tell golden
but scared brown
absolute tired touched
doing tired brown
packages saw anal
married had itchy
money want three
going were hot
stretch were hungry
will work little
love tell exciting
park was happy
love want anal
and scared eight
stretch love exhausted
shy hidden furry
money assume dysfunctional
truck was little
today sleep golden
death scared abandoned
blue organize some
kiss scared slipping
attention scared overwhelmed
hate like happy
get scared exhausted
packages cried about
penis was lonely
parents gone eight
times organize about
cleaner had some
how want dumb
cares smelled lonely
object tell anxious
contempt were obscure
and hung hot
say gone furry
favorite saw every
world charge anxious
vulva stole golden
said smoked dysfunctional
all was hot
pocket was happy
she sleep happy
she demonstrate two
she demonstrate two
are saw residual
time demonstrate hot
place eat afraid
things scared two
blindfold scared late
favorite saw residual
love want three
brother like happy
secrets like unfulfilled
place like about
have like little
crush scared happy
even demonstrate happy
love telephone addicted
potatoes hidden golden
wearing work brown
incest like happy
bag like exhausted
vineyard like hooked
good were abandoned
doing had abandoned
think want little
hate see global
get scared abandoned
wife scared abandoned
hate like happy
ribbons charge hooked
fun slept happy
money want touched
hate like abandoned
have like anal
faith demonstrate abandoned
love were abandoned
faith demonstrate abandoned
death work some
have telephone touched
colleague like happy
but told only
have organize obscure
weed like dysfunctional
sister born abandoned
jail buried abandoned
hate born abandoned
does eat big
have cried three
protest scared anxious
numbers sleep happy
haircut sleep furry
ate smoked hungry
job scared brown
cant smoked some
married convinced abandoned
love see abandoned
computers born happy
work scared furry
bowl scared long
top sleep late
love buried happy
who like golden
have woke about
ate could some
have scared little
colleague organize awesome
fun convinced happy
mints scared abandoned
morning tired hot
lecture sleep abandoned
money scared happy
know gone angry
bob want angry
orange like horny
married see happy
ear were angry
kind woke hungry
have tired long
love told abandoned
love tell only
shirts like overwhelmed
have tell abandoned
project want happy
faith tell lonely
opening like global
smarties transcend eight
now drank little
ready eat free
society like just
hope scared three
society organize horny
attention scared abandoned
vault want residual
crack want every
doing tired new
and crave very
but scared under
love pulling happy
place like afraid
and tired long
pocket cried abandoned
shy like new
hate eat hungry
hate born only
cleaner understand some
times see touched
friend like happy
bestiality understand awesome
love understand happy
computers crave little
truck believed horny
cubes demonstrate just
calluses marrying abandoned
money charge unhappy
and had small
exam crave abandoned
fungus turn hungry
man sleep happy
place want about
favorite made hooked
public sleep very
love organize awesome
friend eat touched
surgery like abandoned
will was three
who hoping about
and scared exhausted
right scared little
and has some
love tell every
how convinced about
ready born golden
soul buried about
loser buried about
kind had dysfunctional
apple smoked residual
bob tell huge
grass turn abandoned
love saw late
calculus like golden
you could suicidal
coffee had little
lamp organize finished
and scared three
love burn hooked
have like abandoned
shirts eat unhappy
vegetables sleep eight
love like afraid
vote tired furry
smoothie like abandoned
boy like painful
public trapped overwhelmed
married woke only
numbers buried lonely
favorite told late
secrecy tell lonely
hiding crave dysfunctional
pork smoked uncomfortable
ribbons want awesome
contempt scared alone
breath stole golden
minutes want only
penis understand happy
smarties stole dumb
closet want some
man had happy
why gone uncomfortable
fault crave finished
setting had abandoned
fungus scared about
relationship smoked touched
boy had dumb
sister want small
and organize abandoned
think could anal
love want hot
room had abandoned
death cried happy
death cried happy
death cried happy
and scared hot
wide tell bionic
will stole hot
love gone political
baby want abandoned
think died residual
anna want just
ribbons stole new
exam scared about
coffee organize hungry
trust turn homesick
light work new
kind were about
green want happy
orchid buried awesome
breakfast want happy
relationship trapped dysfunctional
change love unfulfilled
protest trapped residual
truth trapped furry
man had happy
hate understand about
blanket smelled unhappy
dental slept big
and scared small
will gone happy
vault resented anal
fake stole residual
death demonstrate anal
cream like bionic
give saw lonely
abortion woke suicidal
place like addicted
when gone afraid
lot had painful
room told three
kill scared horny
feel had horny
boy stole small
will stole lonely
love was some
bagel was about
prime like about
she want awesome
but like late
will marrying only
dogs like abandoned
love had lonely
calculus hidden about
love tired every
sandals drown incapable
bird crave painful
weeks been three
morning had golden
have hung hot
breath resented hot
berries scared abandoned
nobody trapped afraid
lover want golden
tomorrow had itchy
object work under
meetings convinced dumb
need gone obscure
cats want finished
hip tell hungry
love want awesome
love scared happy
boy want one
mark was exhausted
love scared residual
money pulling about
boring crave dumb
have had three
plane transcend learned
death bless brown
when scared some
and live exciting
smarties want about
gift trapped happy
love like dysfunctional
are like painful
love was itchy
money has about
boyfriend understand painful
love like itchy
ate burn two
bodies liked anal
secret like afraid
boy stole awesome
dreams like golden
debt went long
telephone made golden
love understand afraid
butts scared golden
park like eight
wall believed about
love was afraid
get drown happy
need like happy
right convinced golden
kiss turn about
right had happy
love like abandoned
cigarette like about
love scared happy
debt tell golden
hope impressed unhappy
being born afraid
morning stole obscure
penis hung free
have trapped horny
hate understand slipping
hate understand slipping
straight want alone
know been missing
daughter like horny
loops did wanted
jump want alone
have like three
protest was anxious
someone crave painful
have like lonely
love eat afraid
love buried depressed
need like only
project told abandoned
need eat unhappy
love bored golden
dogs hidden just
public like abandoned
shy made abandoned
orange numb about
love want one
hate scared hot
dogs were one
current want eight
families like itchy
have want late
love see abandoned
radicchio like happy
toe fired dysfunctional
years drank abandoned
mind had abandoned
years want bionic
smile smelled lonely
opening liked happy
opening liked happy
today had addicted
and like some
crabs like only
hate died one
dog scared depressed
love fired new
calluses like obscure
are crave huge
have like happy
bowl hoping happy
love want new
ring cried anal
man changed one
ship liked some
love tired sexy
and fired exciting
will crave little
love bring anal
love bless afraid
suck told asexual
weeks like dysfunctional
failing was eight
bread was residual
who see angry
love liked little
woman demonstrate one
driveway scared uncomfortable
all had eight
secret numb obscure
luck smoked one
ann burn little
galleries was one
sentiments want big
working had hungry
families want just
aunt want after
and had wicked
love got after
secret changed late
secret hidden two
secret scared afraid
hello like abandoned
love want happy
have had abandoned
hello tell exhausted
think want missing
know want abandoned
mothers like asexual
worrying changed little
rave made happy
know eat only
abortion scared goofy
fun like happy
fish had after
and bring older
and like some
love like three
love like one
mothers like eggs
secret like homesick
are like wanted
love fired happy
friend impressed some
hello want awesome
years tired unfulfilled
money like abandoned
dreams want alive
secret like one
secret like lonely
secret born wanted
wet marrying bionic
fascism like abandoned
secrets tired awesome
side bring abandoned
church want toasted
morning stole about
day germinate just
gay went one
college organize obscure
parents scared about
secret acclimated lonely
money want only
hello love lonely
writing cried one
hope annoy uncomfortable
family burn three
have own about
knows like three
woman rejoice after
secret convinced afraid
secrets believed awesome
love organize painful
hello like about
art acclimated finished
today dropped after
food drown asexual
worrying drank excruciating
cream tired global
pizza own hungry
gay woke about
pizza own hungry
world like happy
days tell abandoned
lamp stole alive
will hidden matched
and want golden
bestiality scared two
secret generate uncomfortable
seeds tell toasted
vulva smoked magical
fake dropped anxious
things stole finished
breakfast scared afraid
telephone turn golden
today want happy